LogicLens is an AI driven Video Analytics firm that can capture events of interest from the cameras in real time or from the recorded feed. It is a proven solution which can provide boon to the clients who considers surveillance as a priority. We have developed, tried and tested use-cases is almost every market sector.

Our Technology

        Logiclens' Video Analytics solution is an ideal mechanism to leverage state-of-the-art Deep Learning Frameworks right from training to development to deployment at scale. Logiclens lets you leverage the science of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to analyze and interpret videos, converting them into actionable data for various use cases & capture intelligent insights thus letting clients make better data driven decisions.


Security & Surveillance

Video analytics plays a crucial role in security and surveillance systems. It enhances traditional surveillance by automating the analysis of video feeds and detecting suspicious activities or potential threats. Video analytics can identify and track objects, recognize faces, detect abnormal behavior, and provide real-time alerts to security personnel. This industry benefits from video analytics in areas such as public safety, transportation security, retail loss prevention, and critical infrastructure protection.

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Retail & E-commerce

Video analytics has become integral to the retail industry for optimizing store operations, improving customer experiences, and enhancing sales. It can analyze customer behavior, track footfall, measure customer engagement, and provide insights into consumer preferences. Video analytics also enables retailers to optimize store layouts, monitor inventory levels, and detect shoplifting or other security breaches. In the e-commerce realm, video analytics can be used to track user interactions on websites or mobile apps, analyze browsing patterns, and personalize marketing efforts.

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Manufacturing & Industrial Automation

Video analytics has significant applications in manufacturing and industrial automation processes. It can be used to monitor production lines, detect defects or quality issues in real-time, and improve overall efficiency. Additionally, it can assist in equipment maintenance and predictive analytics, enabling proactive measures to prevent breakdowns or optimize maintenance schedules.

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What are the key benefits of using a video analytics solution?

Video analytics can detect suspicious activities, such as unauthorized access, loitering, or object detection, improving security monitoring. It can automate tasks like counting people, tracking movements, or analyzing traffic patterns, optimizing operations in various industries. Video analytics can provide valuable data for businesses, such as customer behavior analysis, queue management, or heat maps, helping make informed decisions. Real-time monitoring: It enables real-time monitoring of video feeds, allowing quick response to potential threats or incidents. Cost savings: By automating manual tasks and improving efficiency, video analytics can reduce staffing requirements and operational costs.

What types of analytics can Logiclens solution provide?

Identifying and tracking objects or individuals in video footage. Detecting movement in a video stream. Accurately counting the number of people in a specific area or venue. Identifying and recognizing individuals based on their facial features. Capturing and analyzing license plate information from video footage. Analyzing crowd behavior, density, and movement patterns. Identifying and alerting on unusual or suspicious activities in real-time & many more customizable analytics.

What are the hardware requirements for implementing a video analytics solution?

The hardware requirements can vary depending on the scale and complexity of the video analytics solution. Generally, you would need IP cameras or existing IP camera systems, a server or a cloud infrastructure to process and store video data and sufficient network bandwidth to transmit video streams. High-performance servers or specialized video analytics hardware are required for large-scale deployments.

Is video analytics solution privacy-friendly?

Privacy is a significant concern when implementing video analytics solutions. To ensure privacy Logiclens adheres to applicable laws and regulations regarding video surveillance, data protection and privacy rights. Additionally, access controls and encryption are implemented to secure the video data and prevent unauthorized access.