Our Solutions

        We encompass a range of cutting-edge technologies such as object detection, image recognition, and facial analysis to address diverse industry needs. By providing pre-trained models and customizable frameworks these solutions empower businesses to leverage computer vision capabilities for tasks like quality control, inventory management, or security monitoring. With continuous advancements and integration possibilities we offer scalable and efficient ways to unlock valuable insights from visual data, driving innovation and improving operational efficiency.

We solve problems.

        Building long-term partnerships and delivering tailored solutions that address specific challenges and goals. We envision a future where organizations can easily configure, adapt, and personalize the analytics tools to their specific requirements, allowing them to unlock the full potential of their video data. Our solution is to accommodate the evolving needs of customers, whether they are small businesses or large enterprises. We envision our brand as an expert in integrating with diverse data sources, platforms and systems.

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Our Models:

Daksh Lens

Daksh Lens is an AI-based live video detection technology. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze real-time video streams enabling it to generate alerts instantly. It can identify specific events, objects or behaviors and trigger notifications based on predefined rules or criteria. This technology enhances security and situational awareness by providing timely alerts for proactive response and intervention.

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Vidhi Lens

Vidhi Lens is an Advanced forensic analysis technology utilizing computer vision. It employs sophisticated algorithms and machine learning models to extract crucial information from visual evidence. By analyzing patterns, textures, and shapes, it can identify and match objects, faces, and handwriting, aiding in the identification of suspects and solving complex cases.

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Saar Lens

Saar Lens offers users with Video summarization technology. It utilizes advanced algorithms to automatically extract key moments and highlights from lengthy videos, condensing hours of footage into concise summaries. By analyzing visual and audio cues, it can identify significant events, important objects, and prominent speakers, providing an efficient way to review and navigate video content.

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Neeti Lens

Neeti Lens is a custom behaviour detection technology which makes advanced tailor made detection possible. Custom behavior detection technology employs machine learning and data analytics to identify and classify specific patterns of behavior in various domains, such as security or customer service. By leveraging advanced algorithms, it can detect anomalies, deviations, or predefined actions, allowing for real-time monitoring and proactive intervention.

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