Our Technology

        Logiclens' Video Analytics solution is an ideal mechanism to leverage state-of-the-art Deep Learning Frameworks right from training to development to deployment at scale. Logiclens lets you leverage the science of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to analyze and interpret videos, converting them into actionable data for various use cases & capture intelligent insights thus letting clients make better data driven decisions.

Develop. Deploy. Transform.

In this architecture, the solution is composed of several services, including a Video Streaming Service, a Video Analytics Service, a Video Storage Service, a Data Processing Service, a User Interface Service, and an Admin Portal Service.

The video streaming service handles the live streaming of video data from cameras to the system. The video analytics service analyzes the video data in real-time to detect events of interest, such as people or objects moving through a specific area.

The video storage service is responsible for storing the raw video data, while the data processing service processes this data to extract insights and create reports.

The user interface service provides a web-based interface for end-users to view and interact with the system, while the admin portal service provides an interface for administrators to manage the system's settings and users.

Finally, there are mobile apps for end-users and administrators to access the system on-the-go.